Emmanuele Cammarano Watercolor Artist

Emmanuele is an independent artist Italy-based, mostly selftaught.

Visual Arts have always been his main interest, including photography, drawing, illustration and, ultimately, watercolor painting.

Despite his artistic inclinations he graduated in Aerospace Engineering and worked abroad for nine years.

During all this time he continued spasmodically drawing at night and on weekends.
He attended evening drawing classes while working in Madrid and then basic of oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Como while living in Switzerland. He eventually discovered Watercolor painting in Lugano by chance, attending a course held by Department of Culture of the Canton Ticino. He have painted for a year at night, whatching DVDs and YouTube videos, at home.

“I started thinking about watercolor because of logistical problems: at home we had that time a 3-year-old child and I couldn’t leave my paintings around. Watercolor is quick, it does not smell, it dries in few minutes and the equipment is lightweight and essential, the perfect solution for a family living in a flat. When I started using it I fell in love with it immediately!

“Why do I love it so much? Well many reasons… The incredible technical challenge, the continuous struggle in controlling the water and the spontaneity in execution.”

In 2014 he decides to quit his job to devote himself to full-time art and begins to participate in exhibitions in Italy, France and Spain. He keeps on attending watercolor courses with the greatest masters: Chien Chug Wei in Aosta 2015, Joseph Zbukvic in Milan 2016.
Despite this initial success, due to the divorce, he interrupted his artistic activity for three years, until 2019 when, on a trip to France, he met open and friendly people who believed in him, so that he found the motivation to come back to painting and decided to bet again in his lifetime dream: Art as primary job.

The essence of my watercolor

The works presented in this site are very important for Emmanuele because they represent the last artistic works before the breakup, they are based on the expertise he had acquired up to that point, as well as the new works. He’s today trying to drive his brushstrokes in a more spontaneous direction.

The recurring themes are the most cherished and profound ones:

SEA, that is: his happy childhood in Marina di Camerota, a small fishing village on the Tyrrhenian where he has lived his happy childhood;

LIGHT, that is: backlighs, reflections, sun, everything that recalls light in the most impacting and spectacular forms.

FLORENCE, the city where he experienced the period of greatest solitude and depression, despite of being, nevertheless, a source of inspiration;

the DAUGHTER, who was lost through divorce, but who represent for Emmanuele, until he had her close, his greatest happiness.



Emmanuele is member of the Italian Watercolor Society (AIA) and has been member of the Rome Watercolor Association (ARA). He has taught watercolor approach at the Art School of Francesco Fontana, Milan.

Watercolor classes

Emmanuele teaches watercolor technique in his own Art Studio. He’s available for personal as well as group courses. He organizes daily outdoor painting demos and workshop in Florence and Tuscany.

Work on Assignment

2016 Wedding design – Creation of original watercolour paintings for a wedding website

2016-2017 Exposition in private holiday residence


2015 – Armajeur Silver Award

2015 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Armajeur Silver Award

2014 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Settimo Milanese (Italy) 11th Painting National Contest. – 2nd place of popular Jury.

2014 – Milano, Expo Arte Corvetto, 3rd place


2016 – Watercolor workshop held by Joseph Zbukvic, Milan, Italy

2015 – Watercolor workshop held by Chien Chung Wei, Aosta, Italy

2014 – Portrait in watercolor, course held by Paula Kopestynska, Milan, Italy

2014 – Watercolor workshop held by Keiko Tanabe, Milan, Italy

2014 – Painting School, IED Academy of Fine Arts, Como, Italy

2013 – Oil Painting course held by Fabiola Quezada, Lugano, Switzerland

2013 – Watercolor course held by Antonella Gabrielli, Lugano, Switzerland

2009 – Fine Art School, Taller de Arte Lamina, Madrid, Spain. Drawing of human figure