Emmanuele Cammarano Watercolor artist

“I grew up on a boat”

“I mean that in my childhood I lived near the sea, I spent most of my time on the coast, in the water, in the woods, in nature, and I was always drawing!”

“Despite my artistic inclination, I graduated in Aerospace Engineering and worked in Aviation Industry for nine years. During that time, I continued drawing frantically at the night and took drawing classes in Madrid and then basics of oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Como (Italy).

In recent times I eventually left my job and started a new career as artist, no money, no sponsors, just me and my dreams! I’ve immediately chosen the watercolor as my almost exclusive Medium of expression for many reasons… Last but not least because it’s cheap.

I always struggle with my paper and my colors, I’m happy while painting and, and I love the particular difficulty in controlling and releasing the water. In this times I’m trying to develop an impressionistic and personal style. So difficult, so good!”

“I just know that: I Must paint”

Emmanuele is member of the Italian Watercolor Society (AIA). He won twice the Bold Brush Painting Competition (ed. November 2014 and December 2015) and taught watercolor approach at the School of Art Francesco Fontana in Milan.


Watercolor school

Emmanuele teaches watercolour technique in his own Art Studio based in Florence. He’s available for personal and group classes. He also organizes daily outdoor painting demo and workshop in Florence.

Work on Assignment

2016 Wedding design – Creation of original watercolour paintings for a wedding website

2016-2017 Exposition in private holiday residence


2015 – Armajeur Silver Award

2015 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Armajeur Silver Award

2014 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Settimo Milanese (Italy) 11th Painting National Contest. – 2nd place of popular Jury.

2014 – Milano, Expo Arte Corvetto, 3rd place


2016 – Watercolor workshop held by Joseph Zbukvic, Milan, Italy

2015 – Watercolor workshop held by Chien Chung Wei, Aosta, Italy

2014 – Portrait in watercolor, course held by Paula Kopestynska, Milan, Italy

2014 – Watercolor workshop held by Keiko Tanabe, Milan, Italy

2014 – Painting School, IED Academy of Fine Arts, Como, Italy

2013 – Oil Painting course held by Fabiola Quezada, Lugano, Switzerland

2013 – Watercolor course held by Antonella Gabrielli, Lugano, Switzerland

2009 – Fine Art School, Taller de Arte Lamina, Madrid, Spain. Drawing of human figure


AIA (Italian Watercolour Association)