About me



Emmanuele is an Italian artist. Mostly self-taught, the visual arts have always been his main interest, including drawing and digital photography.


Despite his artistic inclination, he graduated in aerospace engineering in 2005 and has worked as structural engineer in many Countries for nine years. During that time, he continued drawing frantically in the spare time, took drawing classes in Madrid and then basics of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Como.

Interest in Watercolour

In recent times Emmanuele has discovered watercolour and chosen it as his favourite medium of expression. He has preference for urban and rural landscapes, but the inspiration comes from every subjects available outdoors. He uses as much as possible the internet resources in order to discover and meet other watercolour artists. His daily teaching material is provided by videos, books and other artists’ paintings available online.

Manuele likes putting impressions and mood on paper and tries to develop this kind of skill as much as possible. In the early 2014 he discovers Zbukvic and starts studying his style and way of painting. In the same period he attends a workshop held by Keiko Tanabe and keeps on growing thanks to what she transmits through her classes. Manuele has recently met the Italian transparent watercolor society (AIA). He’s keeping on training and going outdoors for en-plein-air painting sessions.

Catching the Light

His way of seeing new subjects is conditioned by his experience as nature photographer. He always takes photos of the scene before start painting.

“My paintings is actually more about Light rather than any other subject. Backlight is something that I love to paint and is challenging me all the time. I’m fascinated by how the light flows through objects and obsessed about being able to paint shadows and reflections properly.”



Emmanuele is available for private (or group) workshops and classes! He usually works in Italy and Switzerland (but other locations can be considered upon request). He can teach in Italian, English, Spanish. Feel free to get in contact with him via mail.


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